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The tx2000 is a follow-up of the - surprise - tx1000 that came out last year. This one has been upgraded with some new technology, including an active digitizer from Wacom instead of the resistive digitizer used in the previous model.

HP Pavilion tx2000 Tablet Technical Specifications

* Processor 2.3 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-66
* Harddrive 250GB SATA 5400rpm
* OS Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
* Weight 4.26 pounds (1.92 kg)
* Screen 12 inches
* Screen resolution 1280x800

Product summary
The good: Dual-mode active pen and touch screen makes tablet use easier and more accurate than last year's model; includes credit-card remote control; excellent battery life; handy controls built into lid.
The bad: Slightly bigger and heavier than a 12-inch laptop should be; limited configuration options; battery is large and makes for slightly awkward setup; missing a FireWire jack.

The bottom line: HP's Pavilion tx2000 combines a convertible tablet design with an entertainment-focused laptop to create an interesting hybrid, thanks to an improved tablet screen and mini remote control.



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