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If you're looking for a netbook, the Mini 9 should definitely be taken into consideration - it's a solid, highly customizable little laptop available at a very attractive price point.

Dell Mini 9 Technical Specifications

* Processor Atom N270 1.6GHz
* Memory 512MB-1GB
* Harddrive 4GB-64GB
* OS Linux (Ubuntu)/Windows XP Home
* Weight 2.3lbs
* Screen 9
* Screen resolution 1024x600
* Graphic Card Intel GMA950
* Battery Life 3:07

Product summary

The good: More configurable than other Netbooks; good battery life; XP and Linux OS options.

The bad: Some awkward keyboard compromises; no SSD options larger than 16GB.

The bottom line: Dell's entry into the Netbook market means it's time to take these low-cost, low-power PCs seriously. The Inspiron Mini 9 is an excellent example of the form, if not radically different from the competition.



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