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Asus’ G50Vt rolls an impressive array of hardware into a bulky-but-inexpensive package, with a heavy-handed dose of flair smeared on top. While the style might not be for everyone, and battery life makes its wall adapter an essential umbilical cord for use, it offers a very reasonably priced and playable system for those who want to game on the go without dropping thousands on pricy boutique systems.

Asus G50VT Technical Specifications

* Processor 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
* Memory 4GB DDR2
* Harddrive 640GB
* OS Windows Vista Home Premium
* Screen 15.4

• Screaming performance
• Reasonable price
• Unique look
• Convenient secondary display
• Stellar connectivity

• Awful battery life
• Extremely large, heavy
• Loud styling
• Mediocre sound quality


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