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Promoted by Toshiba as a desktop alternative for the business class, the L350 is indeed powerful enough to do your everday tasks, but that power comes in a large and clunky package that leaves mobility something to be desired.

Meet Toshiba's L350 laptop computer from their Satellite Pro lineup. It is a budget computer for today's business professional promoting all the features you need, without the fuss and flair of much more.

Toshiba L350 Technical Specifications

* Processor Intel Core2 Duo Processor T8100
* Memory 2GB 667Mhz DDR2
* Harddrive 160GB 5,400rpm SATA
* OS Windows XP Pro
* Weight 7.1 - 9.3 lbs
* Screen 17 inches
* Screen resolution 1440x900
* Graphic Card Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
* Battery Life 3.75 hours

Product summary

Pros: Has 1440 x 900 native screen resolution, which is somewhat higher than some similarly priced notebooks.In fact, the typical cost of a product with this high a native screen resolution is $1,630.Also, this notebook has a 17-inch screen size, which is larger than some similarly priced notebooks.By way of comparison, the typical cost of a product with this large a screen size is $1,540.

Cons: Has a 7.1-pound weight, which is somewhat heavier than some similarly priced notebooks.For example, the HP Business nc4200, at around $970, has only a 4-pound weight.This notebook's Intel GMA X3100 graphics chip uses system memory, which sometimes results in slower performance.

Suitability: A general-purpose notebook, suited for general mobile computing.Archive your digital videos using this notebook's DVD writer.Comes with advanced word processing software -- capable of producing all the complex documents you may need to publish.If you have a wireless network at home, wirelessly browse the Web from any room in your house with this Wi-Fi enabled laptop.

Value: In view of its relatively inexpensive price, this notebook has great features for the money.For example, when it comes to screen size, the average price of mainstream products with a similar screen size is considerably more -- in fact around $1,558.Generally, not targeted at the gaming crowd, this computer will likely fulfill more modest notebook needs.



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