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All in all, the Lenovo S10 is a nice-looking netbook that performs predictably. It can definitely be recommended, but I would opt for an upgrade to at least 1GB of RAM. Unlike some other netbooks, the S10 is also thankfully very easy to upgrade.

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Technical Specifications

* Processor 1.6GHz Atom N270
* Memory 512MB
* Harddrive 80GB
* OS Windows XP Home
* Weight 2.4lbs
* Screen 10.2 inches
* Screen resolution 1024x600
* Graphic Card Intel GMA950
* Battery Life 3.5 Hours

Product summary

The good: Includes ExpressCard slot; decent keyboard.

The bad: No SSD hard drive options; unimpressive battery life.

The bottom line: Lenovo's "me, too!" entry in the Netbook sweepstakes, the IdeaPad S10, gets the price and features right, but falls behind on battery life.



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