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Like most Lenovo keyboards, the one on the Y530 is a pleasure to type on, and above it is a row of touch sensitive, orange-glowing buttons for media control; both are quite nice-looking and useful. The touchpad is slightly larger than average, and is very accurate and comfortable to the touch.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 Technical Specifications

* Processor 2GHz P7350 Core 2 Duo
* Memory 2GB DDR2
* Harddrive 250GB
* OS Windows Vista Home Premium
* Weight 6.6 lbs
* Screen 15.4"
* Screen resolution 1280x800
* Graphic Card Nvidia 9300M GS
* Battery Life 2:45

Product summary

The good: Simple, subdued design with solid construction; reasonably priced; light-touch media controls; Dolby Home Theater sound with four speakers plus subwoofer; face recognition software; decent battery life.

The bad: Overly reflective screen; heavier than similar-size systems.

The bottom line: Though its subdued design may strike some as square, but the midsize Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 delivers a decent media experience for less than $1,000.



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